Law Firms

Law firms and legal professionals are increasingly discovering the value of partnering with inventory management companies. Advanced Inventory Management Systems™ (AIM™) appreciates the sensitive balance between protecting your interest and providing cost-effective services. Based in Dallas, TX, we work with lawyers, attorneys, paralegals and legal assistants to provide asset management and control services for those matters when accurate and timely inventory identification and valuation are critical.

AIM™ utilizes the latest technology including barcodes and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to fulfill your asset control and management requirements. Partnering with your law firm is seamless and our inventory management services have the derivative benefits of potentially saving your organization on external audit costs, controlling taxes and insurance costs, reducing lost time addressing compliance issues with regulatory authorities and supporting due diligence activities. AIM™ assists attorneys in a variety of legal matters and in various practice areas.

AIM Inventory Management for the Legal Industry

Bankruptcy – Dissolutions

Probate – Custodial

Asset Investigation (FF&E)

Corporate Transactions

Partner with us for your next transaction or case requiring the accurate and timely identification, tagging, recording and reporting of physical assets. Contact us now to see how we may assist you.