Advanced Inventory Management™ System cares about your asset management, compliance initiatives and inventory tracking needs. Based in Dallas, TX, AIM™ Systems works seamlessly with hospital administrators, clinics and doctor’s offices in providing asset management and control services when accurate and timely inventory identification and valuation are crucial.

We care about managing, classifying and tracking your assets, so you can focus on other important matters, such as the smooth operation of your medical facility. AIM™ Systems specializes in the on-site identification, counting, bar code labeling and data storage of all your assets. We utilize the latest technology, whether stationary or mobile, for the accurate accounting of all your property and inventory.

We care about your organization’s compliance issues. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. Whether its regulatory, legal or accounting compliance, AIM™ systems provides the accurate and thorough asset management and inventory tracking your organization can rely on. We help you identify and confirm to any reporting agency your organization’s physical inventory and fixed assets – whether real or “ghost” assets.

AIM Asset Tagging and Tracking

AIM Systems Four Phase Operations Strategy

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